A Suite of Tools

Speakers Presentations Suite of Tools​ for Businesses

This site was originally created around 2006 to present to businesses a suite of tools to help them manage all of their speakers' materials. At some point after 2010 the domain expired. I bought the domain with the intention of recreating the original site from its archived pages. During SpeakersPresentation's heyday, their services of conversion and organization were well received from the business marketplace.

I originally heard about James Noble from a friend while we waited in line to get our eyeglass lenses replaced. Yes, there was a line at our local store. I have since stopped driving into town to get my lenses replaced for my Ray Ban eyeglasses. Instead I use an online site where they handle glasses replacement lenses for you. All you have to do is mail in your eyeglass frames with the lenses that need to be replaced and they do the rest. If you have a new prescription send that along with your frames and your phone number. An optician will contact you to discuss the best, high quality lens choices and options for your needs. Whether you need single vision, progressive, bifocal, and trifocal replacement lenses, this site will take care of all your requirements. It's a breeze and sure beats waiting in line.

James Noble of Vision Creative was the site's Sales and Technical Assistant. His site, Vision Creative is a 20 year old multimedia firm based in Alexandria, which specializes in in supporting multimedia products for conventions and conferences, as well as live event production and video services especially for the association and government markets. You can visit their website at: visiond.com/index.html. Their sister company was www.speakerspresentations.com.

Circa 2006

The suite of tools, sold separately or together, are designed to make an organization's job of Collecting, Distributing and Archiving speakers' presentations a snap.

POWERPOINT COLLECTOR, is a web-based service that automates the communication, collection and organizing of your speakers' materials.

MATERIALS ON DISC, an easily navigable CD-ROM of all of your speakers' materials that takes the place of a printed books.

PRESENTATION SYNC, a product that syncs your speaker's actual recorded audio or video presentation with their PowerPoint that can be distributed via CD or the web.

Face it, dealing with your speakers and their materials can be the biggest hassle of your job. That's why we created PowerPoint Collector, Materials On Disc and Presentation Sync,

These tools were all designed to work together (or separately) to make your life simpler and to save your organization money.


Presentation Sync

Archive your presentations online or on CDROM with Presentation Sync! Audio or Video is synced to PowerPoint slides for an interactive and enduring distance learning module.

More and more companies are discovering the value of making available presentations from workshops, meetings and conventions. Whether they are offered for free or are part of a paid learning program SpeakersPresentations can produce and place them on the web or CDROM for you.

All we require is the raw video or audio of the presentation and the PowerPoint slides. We generate the syncing information and deliver back to you a fully functioning presentation either accessable on CDROM or as a collection of HTML files for use on the web.

This process is surprisingly affordable. We price this service by half hour of presentation material.

SpeakersPresentations can help you capture the audio or video of your workshops and meetings. We would be happy to coordinate with you!


Materials on Disc

Instead of printed books (or in addition to) place all of your speaker's materials on a customizable and searchable CDROM.

Most companies already place their speakers' materials on CDROM or make them available over the web in some form. Our Materials On Disc product line has several features that make this product extremely attractive to meeting professionals.

All we need to develop a product for you is a collection of the speakers' materials delivered to us. We do all the conversion and organization while we develop the CDROM.

With our flexible design architecture any size meeting with any level of extended functionality can be accommodated.


PowerPoint Collection

A fully automated PowerPoint collection web-based utility that enables you to effortlessly collect and organize materials for your upcoming meeting.

PowerPoint Collector automates the collection and organization of your speakers' materials. This web-based tool allows you to:

  • Send email to remind speakers to upload their presentations
  • Automatically remind them at pre-selected intervals
  • Monitor who has uploaded their presentation and who hasn't
  • Review uploaded materials
  • Receive a disc at any point with PowerPoints organized by folder
  • Take a tour and see how this product can save your organization time and money.